Published: Sat, November 17, 2018
World Media | By Shelia Harmon

Difference between new Republicans, Democrats in Congress, in photos

Difference between new Republicans, Democrats in Congress, in photos

The California congressman elected by House Republicans to lead their minority caucus next year acknowledges that the GOP took a beating in America's suburbs in midterm elections but promises a comeback.

That became unnecessary when Republicans lost the House on Election Day, as the race for minority leader is considered much lower stakes than the race to be speaker.

As minority leader, McCarthy will become the most visible face of opposition to the incoming Democratic majority.

McCarthy, a California Republican, has cultivated a relationship with Mr. Trump.

Jordan told Fox's "Fox & Friends" on Wednesday that if he is elected to the leadership job, he will work on "doing what we told the American people we were gonna do". But he said getting the US$5 billion will be "problematic".

At a news conference Wednesday, McCarthy vowed to help the GOP win back the majority in the House and said Republicans will oppose Democrats if they target President Donald Trump.

"The electoral tide nearly always pulls against the president's party during his first midterm election, and this year's tide was especially strong because President Trump has been especially divisive", said Matthew Beckmann, a political scientist at the University of California, Irvine.

GOP leaders this fall convinced Trump to delay any decision about the border wall until after the November midterm elections, fearful that a big showdown could hurt Republicans with voters.

Porter also bucked the California Democratic Party by declaring her intention to vote for a ballot initiative repealing a modest gas tax levied by the Democratic-run state government to fund infrastructure improvements. John Cornyn as Majority Whip (that position is term-limited) and Iowa Sen. But Republicans suffered heavy losses during the midterms in the House of Representatives and will lose control of that chamber in early January. Roy Blunt will be the party's policy chairman.

A separate source confirmed to CNN that Jordan is interested in the ranking member position on the Judiciary Committee in order to check Democratic investigations that will be led by Rep.

While McCarthy provides an affable face for the GOP, Jordan, the former OH wrestling champ and a Fox News regular, will be fighting Democrats' investigations into Trump's businesses and administration.

Public opinion expert Karlyn Bowman of the American Enterprise Institute also noted that independent voters this year told exit pollsters they supported Democrat House candidates over Republicans this year by a margin of 52 to 42 percent.

In his race for minority leader, McCarthy positioned himself as a close ally of Trump. Running to fill the open seat of retiring Rep. Lamar Smith, a veteran Congressman regarded by science advocates as one of the most antiscience lawmakers in the House, Kopser lost by about three points.

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy is running to take over next year's shrunken caucus in closed-door elections that will set the tone for the new Congress.

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