Published: Sat, November 10, 2018
World Media | By Shelia Harmon

Fly Jamaica Airways Plane En Route To Toronto Crash Lands In Guyana

Fly Jamaica Airways Plane En Route To Toronto Crash Lands In Guyana

The Fly Jamaica plane was 20 minutes into a flight from Georgetown, Guyana, to Toronto when the pilot indicated there were problems with the Boeing 757's hydraulic system.

Fly Jamaica released a statement confirming that flight OJ256 "suffered an accident on landing".

The Fly Jamaica aircraft crashed upon landing at the CJIA.

According to reports, the emergency services at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport knew that the flight, which was headed to Canada, was in trouble within 45 minutes of take-off.

The passengers included a crew of eight, two infants, two Jamaicans nationals, an American, 82 Canadians, 35 Guyanese, a Pakistani and the Trinidadian.

"Everyone was going insane, screaming, crying for their lives, everything", said passenger Invor Bedessee, describing how some people were injured getting off the flight.

The flight, which was heading to Pearson Airport, experienced some technical difficulties and had to return to CJIA.

Guyana's Transportation Minister David Patterson said those hurt in the incident had been taken to hospital.

"They are all stable and are being looked at", Patterson said, adding that all the passengers and crew on board had been accounted for with "no reports of any broken bones or such".

Amid an investigation into what caused a brand-new 737 Max jet to crash in Indonesia, another jet produced by USA aerospace and defense company Boeing crash landed in Guyana.

The Boeing 757-200, registered as N524AT, overran the end of the runway and crossed through the airport perimeter fence. The airport has also set up a hotline for family members looking for assistance and information.

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