Published: Wed, November 28, 2018
IT | By Jonathon Greene

Google Pixel 3 Lite gets compared to Pixel 3 XL and iPhones

Google Pixel 3 Lite gets compared to Pixel 3 XL and iPhones

After first popping up on the internet on November 17, the Pixel 3 Lite was the star of several leaks, culminating with today's special appearance. It does appear to have the same camera software as the bigger Pixel 3, which is actually really cool, but begs the question of how much Google will expect to charge for this device.

As you might have already seen from our previous coverage on the topic, the Pixel 3 Lite is powered by a mid-range processor, which is something new for Google. Pictures released by Russian publication Wylsa give us a glimpse of what the Pixel 3 Lite actually looks like in real life and how it compares to the latest and greatest from Google's own lineup as well as Apple's. This is likely to pull in customers to buy the device as the company is likely to launch the device at a lower price point. We're yet to have a word on other colour variants of the phone. The alleged Google Pixel Lite is stacked against Google Pixel, Pixel 3 XL, iPhone XS, iPhone X, iPhone XR. It's specs are more modest as well, with a 5.6-inch display, no notch, Snapdragon 670 SoC, 4GB of RAM, 32GB of non-expandable storage, 12MP camera (same as on the Pixel 3), and a 2,915mAh battery.

What is being called the Pixel 3 Lite popped up for the first time earlier this month.

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