Published: Wed, November 28, 2018
World Media | By Shelia Harmon

Manafort lied after pleading guilty, Mueller's team says

Manafort lied after pleading guilty, Mueller's team says

For their part, Manafort's attorneys said he believes he has offered "useful information" and doesn't agree with the government assertion that he breached the plea agreement.

"It seems to me he's angling for the pardon", said David Weinstein, a former federal prosecutor in Miami. By pleading guilty, Manafort avoided a second trial on charges that he failed to disclose his lobbying in Washington on behalf of the Ukrainian government, and that he laundered money.

The president claims the Russian Federation investigation, which has notched up a number of indictments and guilty pleas, including of some of those closest to him, is politically motivated.

Of course this is all just speculation, and perhaps Manafort has other reasons for allegedly lying to investigators. "You can expect the judge, who has already had some harsh words for Manafort when he violated his bond conditions, tot are this conduct into account at sentencing". Mueller's office said it would provide further information in a later court filing.

President Donald Trump has attacked Robert Mueller in his latest Twitter outburst, accusing the special counsel of having "gone rogue" during the Russian Federation investigation. That would likely involve Mueller offering documents and witnesses at Manafort's sentencing hearing. With a circumstance like this, only one side of the deal gets torn up - and that's the prosecutors' promises of mercy, they said in the filing Monday.

But things between the special counsel and Manafort have reportedly been rocky for a while. Except for one aspect of their bank fraud case, in which Manafort appeared to dangle access to the Trump campaign in exchange for a bank loan, the cases did not publicly describe Manafort's work as campaign chairman.

In exchange for his cooperation to answer questions "fully, truthfully, completely, and forthrightly", some of the charges against Manafort were dropped and prosecutors could have asked for a lighter prison term. He may wind up with an even longer sentence if the judge finds he breached that deal.

But Manafort denies doing so, and both sides want sentencing to be set immediately.

Earlier Monday, former Trump campaign foreign policy adviser George Papadopoulos reported to a prison in Wisconsin to serve a 14-day sentence for lying to investigators. "Wait until it comes out how horribly & viciously they are treating people, ruining lives for them refusing to lie". It also means that Mueller's team is losing a cooperating witness from the top of Donald Trump's presidential campaign who was present for several key episodes under investigation.

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