Published: Sat, November 17, 2018
World Media | By Shelia Harmon

Michelle Obama Shades Melania Trump over Fired White House Staffer

Michelle Obama Shades Melania Trump over Fired White House Staffer

Michelle Obama made her first late night TV appearance since leaving the White House, stopping by "Jimmy Kimmel Live.' She joked about how George Clooney is her 'freebie" if she ever gets to step out on Barack. Kimmel asked the famous former White House resident.

President Obama said he wasn't able to join her, and Sasha begged off too, busy watching TV. The titles for these things are always about the same so it was interesting to see if Michelle would break the mould (What Happened, My Life, Decision Points, Dreams From My Father), but she most certainly did not.

After ABC's Jimmy Kimmel jokingly referenced the White House staffer essentially fired by First Lady Melania Trump, his guest, former FLOTUS Michelle Obama, noted that she never had a situation like that.

Next, Obama revealed that she and Barack inherited more than just the Resolute desk from the Bushes. What, were you expecting her to reveal national security secrets, or something?

"All the time", she responded, causing the audience to roar with applause.

Michelle Obama revealed that even though she's now "unemployed", she's enjoying her life after the White House.

Elsewhere on The Ellen Show, while the former First Lady tried to sign copies of her book at Costco, Ellen was being... well Ellen.

Obviously, the Kimmel team couldn't go too insane for numerous reasons but the end result is still a giggle.

"I'm not sure which one's Sasha and which one's Malia", Obama continued. I held her tight, and my feeling was, we are moving forward.

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