Published: Mon, November 05, 2018
World Media | By Shelia Harmon

Record early in-person voting for N Carolina midterm ending

Record early in-person voting for N Carolina midterm ending

"More than 1.1 million San Diego County voters use mail ballots and that number continues to rise", said Registrar Michael Vu.

The Gilmer County Elections office reported a record-setting first day of early voting.

The total number of early voters, vote by mail, and grace period ballots in November 2014 was 5,662, including provisional and absentee ballots, according to archived Kendall County election reports.

Forecasters aren't predicting that overall turnout this year will hit 2016 levels (137.5 million; more than 60 percent of the electorate), but Democratic and Republican analysts, along with independent political scientists, say turnout could approach 50 percent, levels not seen for a midterm since the turbulent 1960s.

Donald Trump has scheduled almost a dozen remaining rallies nationwide to campaign for conservative lawmakers who support his "America First" agenda, and reportedly plans to continue injecting himself into local races ahead of the midterms.

If you want to avoid the rush and cast your ballot before Election Day, you have plenty of options.

Saturday, November 3: The Monmouth County elections offices will be open from 9 1 p.m.

Historically, Democrats tend to vote early at higher rates than Republicans, who are more likely to have a larger turnout on Election Day. More than 592,000 voters with no party affiliation have voted.

So candidates like Democrat Stacey Abrams and Republican Brian Kemp in the Georgia governor's race are keeping their eye on how many non-2014 voters have cast ballots.

As of Thursday evening, early voting numbers showed that 18,144 blue voters had cast ballots compared to 38,422 Republicans, according to information available from the St. Johns County Supervisor of Elections website.

New Mexico voters are picking a new governor, one US senator and deciding on two open congressional seats, as they fill a long list of statewide public offices including attorney general and secretary of state. As of Friday afternoon, Texas voters are poised to surpass their 2014 total turnout just in early voting alone.

A similar turnout this year would result in about 6.65 million voters going to the polls, although some suggest the turnout will be higher. There are now 30,524 active registered voters in the city and 78,253 in the county.

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