Published: Fri, November 09, 2018
Entertaiment | By Simon Arnold

The queen asks Meghan's mom to spend Christmas with the royals

The queen asks Meghan's mom to spend Christmas with the royals

And she also told the couple she wanted to spend the holidays with them too. Girlfriends, even if they're engaged, were never part of the exclusive trip.

In previous years, Princess Anne has gifted brother Charles a leather toilet seat, Kate has bought Harry a "grow-your-own girlfriend" kit and the Queen has receiced a shower cap that reads "Ain't Life a Bitch!" from grandson Harry.

According to The DailyMail, Doria Ragland will reportedly join Meghan Markle for Christmas, which would break with the royal precedent established by fellow Duchess Kate Middleton's in-laws. So although it may not have been so revealing when Meghan got dressed, under the bright light of the sun and with the press' camera flashes, it gave away more than she intended.

"Obviously Meghan's parents are in the United States, but the main reason [Meghan is invited] is clearly that it's what Harry wished", he continued.

The mother of Meghan Markle is very appreciated by the Queen! This is a nice Christmas gift before the time! To disobey the Queen decided Kate Middleton, who is secretly preparing a surprise party for a pregnant wife of Prince Harry. However, they have previously attended Christmas day church services with the Queen and the rest of the family.

Just months on from Meghan's wedding to Prince Harry, Doria Ragland has reportedly been asked to Sandringham, Her Majesty's country estate in Norfolk. Their Christmas schedule stays pretty much the same year after year - signing cards in the Summer, taking the royal train to Sandringham, black-tie dinner and drinks on Christmas Eve - and this year, there will be a new addition to the royal festivities.

But it seems like Doria might permanently move to the United Kingdom, so she can be closer to her daughter and unborn baby.

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