Published: Wed, November 28, 2018
World Media | By Shelia Harmon

Trump in MS to rally for GOP Sen. Hyde-Smith

Trump in MS to rally for GOP Sen. Hyde-Smith

President Trump has waded into the last Senate midterm election tomorrow after the incumbent caused a race row that could end in her losing her safe MS seat in a run-off this week.

She has joked about wanting to be in the "front row" for a "public hanging" and said voter suppression against Democrats is a "great idea".

The comment prompted outrage in a Deep South state scarred by a history of lynchings, and boosted support for Mike Espy, her Democratic challenger.

President Donald Trump, of whom Hyde-Smith has been a vocal supporter, will hold two rallies in MS on Monday to whip up support for the Republican candidate. Defeat would leave the Republicans with only a... And they foreshadow the messaging dissonance that could mark the next two years of his presidency as he faces a divided Congress - a Republican-majority Senate and a Democrat-controlled House - after two years of across-the-board Republican power.

President Donald Trump has tweeted support for U.S. Sen.

Democrats also have used some star power.

Over the weekend, CNN reported, while she was a state senator, Hyde-Smith cosponsored a resolution to honor a Confederate soldier during the Civil War for "defending his homeland" and advocated a revisionist view of the Civil War.

Espy would be the first African-American to represent the state in the Senate since Reconstruction.

It's not the first controversy that Hyde-Smith has caused. Thad Cochran, who resigned in April because of health problems. Cindy Hyde-Smith (R-Miss.) to return a $5,000 donation, ESPN reported on Sunday. Espy is a former congressman and former US agriculture secretary.

Both of the candidates have a background in agriculture, which is the largest sector of Mississipi's economy, and both have experience in Washington.

"Needed in D.C." The two are to appear together Monday in the northeastern city of Tupelo and later Monday at a Gulf Coast rally in Biloxi.

Spokeswoman Melissa Scallan said the Hyde-Smith campaign had no comment about the Beauvoir photos.

Hyde-Smith is in a tight runoff Tuesday against Democrat Mike Espy, a former congressman and agriculture secretary under President Bill Clinton.

For Espy, turnout is key.

About a third of MS voters were African-American in the four-way race on Election Day, and Espy won support from about 80 percent of them, compared to about 20 percent of white voters, according to VoteCast, a wide-ranging survey of the electorate conducted by The Associated Press.

Hyde-Smith subsequently gave a partial apology during a November 20 debate against Espy. MS last elected a Democrat to the Senate in 1982. He noted during a campaign stop earlier Monday that he had crossed the "party chasm" to endorse the re-election of Republican Gov. Haley Barbour in MS in 2007.

Johnson gave the maximum donation of $2,700 to her campaign. The league "has requested that the contribution be returned", the spokesperson said.

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