Published: Wed, December 26, 2018
World Media | By Shelia Harmon

Hezbollah Leaders Targeted, Reportedly Hit in Israeli Airstrike, U.S. Official Says

Hezbollah Leaders Targeted, Reportedly Hit in Israeli Airstrike, U.S. Official Says

Syrian air defense systems have intercepted "hostile targets" near the capital Damascus, almost a month after government forces shot down several missiles following an Israeli attack and foiled its goals despite the "intensity of the aggression." .

The TV, quoting an unnamed military official, identified the warplanes as Israeli.

Israel has on numerous occasions targeted Iranian and Hezbollah sites in Syria that it regards as threats to its own security.

At the end of November Syria said its air defences had targeted and downed a number of "hostile targets" over the Kisweh area south of Damascus.

The number of airstrikes in Syria attributed to Israel has dropped noticeably in recent months, after a Russian military plane was downed by Syrian air defenses during an Israeli attack on Latakia, killing all 15 servicemen aboard.

Regime media report air defence confronted "enemy targets" above the capital and downed most of the missiles before landing. It added that the Israeli warplanes fired the missiles from Lebanese airspace.

Lebanese media outlets reported that residents near the border with neighboring Syria said the sound of planes could be heard in the sky.

"It's an Israeli raid", said Rami Abdel Rahman, who heads the war monitor.

The director of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said that Israeli raids were targeting weapons storage areas of Iranian militias and Hezbollah positions in the countryside of Damascus.

Almost an hour after the attacks began, Damascus residents could still hear the air defense units firing toward targets in the air.

The Israel Defense Forces spokesperson has confirmed that the country's air missile defense system went into operation last night against an anti-aircraft missile fired towards Israel from Syria.

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