Published: Mon, December 03, 2018
World Media | By Shelia Harmon

NYPD searches for couple after their proposal goes sideways at Times Square

NYPD searches for couple after their proposal goes sideways at Times Square

The NYPD has put out an alert for a mystery couple whose romantic Times Square proposal went seriously awry when the engagement ring fell through a utility grate, beyond their reach.

In the footage we see him lie on the ground to look in the grate, no doubt panicking as he fails to find the ring.

A couple, identified by the New York Police Department as John and Daniella, were reunited with their engagement ring with the help of police and social media on December 2018.

The panicked couple sought the help of the police to find the diamond ring, which had fallen nearly 2.5m into the city's utility system. The NYPD Emergency Services could not immediately recover the ring and the couple left.

With the help of dozens of passers-by they managed to get the grate off and search underneath for at least two hours.

They're now liasing with the police to get the ring back.

Speaking to BBC News on Sunday evening, he said he had carried the ring around in his pocket for two days before finding the right moment.

"Thank you, Twitter", the department tweeted.

Local man John was proposing to his girlfriend Daniella at Times Square when he dropped the ring down a drain. "I hope the couple is found soon", a Twitter user wrote. "The (now) happy couple is back in their home country, but thanks to your retweets they heard we were looking for them!"

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