Published: Tue, January 15, 2019
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‘Game Of Thrones’ Releases Bone-Chilling Trailer, Release Date For Final Season

‘Game Of Thrones’ Releases Bone-Chilling Trailer, Release Date For Final Season

A variety of tidbits have been revealed, including that there will be six super-sized episodes, perhaps as long as movies. Winter has come, and that wind from an ice dragon's wings is cutting straight to the core of Game of Thrones fans everywhere.

So while these scenes are certainly enticing, they don't necessarily speak to the action we're bound to see this season. After months of building anticipation among fans, HBO dropped the air date ahead of its third season premiere of "True Detective" with a new teaser video. Don't say we didn't warn you. The final season will have only six episodes, making it the shortest season.

The trailer which accompanied the release date shows Jon, Sansa and their sister Arya in the catacombs underneath Winterfell, looking at statues of their ancestors for inspiration.

The siblings eventually reunite at the crypt's end and come face-to-face with three tombstone statues... of themselves - not the best plot twist for those hoping for a happy ending.

"You have to protect him", Lyanna Stark whispers as Jon, the only son of Lyanna and Rhaegar Targaryen, walks past. If you haven't yet, it's a must-see. In the first ever episode of the show saw Robert Baratheon lay a feather at Lyanna's grave.

It was a faux conversation between the social media manager of the Game of Thrones Twitter account and their boss.

In the final season, Sansa may very well be faced with a similar issue: will she still support Jon once she learns the truth about his lineage?

We'll bring you our thoughts on the trailer shortly, but wanted to deliver it to you as quickly as possible first.

Here's the bigger question we had in our mind: where is Bran Stark?Since he and his statue are missing from the teaser, does that mean he won't be dying soon?

The bloke who plays the dreaded Night King, Vladimir Furdik, has revealed that we are in for an absolute belter of a fight. But for those who are more interested in icy white sneakers, two colorways include a white-on-white design also themed to House Targaryen and another that's based on the White Walkers.

To a certain interpretation, it may be a hint that the end is coming sooner for Arya and Sansa than for Jon Snow. She just stands there, doing nothing.

An additional reason why Cersei's time might be up is the absence of Jaime from her side.

"It was alluded to a lot in season seven - she was mentioning to Jon that she couldn't have children".

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