Published: Fri, January 25, 2019
IT | By Jonathon Greene

Google Pixel 3 and Samsung Galaxy Note 9 top selfie-quality rankings

Google Pixel 3 and Samsung Galaxy Note 9 top selfie-quality rankings

Overall, Google Pixel 3 and the Galaxy Note 9 have the best selfie cameras as per the DxOMark selfie scores as both the devices have an overall selfie score of 92.

A leading image quality rating agency, DxOMark Image Labs, based in France, has unveiled "DxOMark Selfie", a test protocol for front-facing smartphone cameras largely based on its ranking system for smartphone main cameras.

While many users will stick with the default settings their handsets come with, some smartphone cameras can offer more for those willing to adjust settings and use alternative shooting modes. While DxO is starting out with 12 front cameras, it plans to add the selfie cams of other smartphones to the mix going forward.

It's also worth mentioning that the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 takes great videos from front camera and the video score is more than the Pixel 3. As a result, the smartphones having dual front cameras will not enjoy extra DxOMark Selfie score.

DxOMark finally debuts selfie camera testing suite
DxOMark begins rating selfie cameras, Pixel 3 and Galaxy Note 9 top the list

Again, you can't go wrong with any smartphone camera these days, and the exciting thing is that mobile camera quality continues to improve drastically with each passing year. "Image results from both cameras are excellent, but the Google puts a lot of emphasis on texture and detail and therefore accepts some noise in Pixel 3 images, while Samsung engineers have opted for a cleaner image and made some sacrifices in terms of fine details", said DxOMark. We may see phones in the future with higher scores than 100 on the selfie test.

DxOMark has kicked off its selfie camera testing protocol by picking up 10 phones. The Pixel 3 has the upper hand when it comes to the focus system.

Surprisingly, the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 is better than the iPhone XS Max which puts Apple's phone in the fourth place because it is not that good at hard lighting situations. You would have expected this phone to do a better job than the Note 9. The Samsung (Note 9) is a little better at exposing for faces and applies a little less contrast to faces, making for a slightly more natural look.

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