Published: Mon, January 21, 2019
World Media | By Shelia Harmon

Syria launched surface-to-surface rocket in response to Israeli raid

Syria launched surface-to-surface rocket in response to Israeli raid

The Israeli military later said its Iron Dome interceptor system shot down a rocket fired at the northern part of the Golan Heights on the Syria frontier. The area is popular with skiiers.

The IDF also warned the Syrian army against attempts to attack Israeli territory or its troops. Russia's Ministry of Defense, according to RIA news agency, said four Israeli jets fired seven missiles at the worldwide airport, causing no injuries to Syrian nationals.

"Our air defense systems thwarted ... an Israeli air aggression ... and prevented it from achieving any of its goals", a military source told state news agency SANA.

A photo released on 14 April 2018 shows anti-aircraft fire on the outskirts of Damascus after Western strikes reportedly hit Syrian military bases and chemical research centres in and around the capital.

Syrian state media broadcast footage of what it said were the air defenses firing, with bright lights seen shooting across the night sky. Mahan Air has been identified by defense officials as one of the cargo carriers suspected of ferrying war materiel from Iran to Syria.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, in Chad, appeared to confirm that Israel was behind the strike.

The military statement did not specify where the rocket had been launched from.

The Israeli military estimated the number of air strikes over the past two years at 200.

"The Israel Defense Forces has attacked hundreds of Iranian and Hezbollah targets", he said.

With Russian and Iranian help, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's military has beaten back rebels and the Islamic State group to restore control over most of the country.

The previous reported airstrike occurred on Christmas Day.

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