Published: Thu, January 03, 2019
World Media | By Shelia Harmon

United States agents fire tear gas at asylum seekers across Mexico border

United States agents fire tear gas at asylum seekers across Mexico border

When agents and officers responded, about 45 migrants turned back to Mexico, according to the agency.

Agents used smoke, pepper spray and tear gas "to address the rock throwers assaulting agents and risking the safety of migrants attempting to cross who were already on the USA side", CBP said. "As agents were deploying less lethal chemical munitions (to include CS gas and inert smoke) in response to the assault, the group pushed women and children over the primary wall and into the concertina wire". Twenty-five people were arrested after crossing into the US, including two teenagers.

Shortly after the New Year began, dozens of migrants stood on a hill from which they could see United States border agents, who watched them closely.

When people in this group rushed the border in a second incident, U.S. authorities fired tear gas to disperse them, an AFP photographer observed.

Customs and Border Protection agents fired tear gas after migrants from a migrant caravan hurled rocks at them. They spotted this caravan because of increased security at the border. "We don't like that type of violence of throwing rocks".

The AP saw rocks thrown only after USA agents fired the tear gas.

Clouds of the noxious gas could be seen wafting up from around the fence at the border.

The United States authorities fired tear gas into Mexico's Tijuana during the first hours of the New Year to push back some 150 asylum seekers who tried to breach the border fence. A lot of them fled back into Mexico after the tear gas was shot.

Waldman, however, used the incident on January 1, to prop up US President Donald Trump's idea of a $5bn border fence on the border with Mexico.

The migrants in both cases were part of a caravan that left Central America in October and traveled 4,300 kilometers (2,600 miles) to Tijuana in the hope of reaching the U.S. and requesting asylum.

Border Patrol came under scrutiny in December for using tear gas when a large group of migrants previously attempted to cross into San Diego. Others have found jobs in Mexico and tried to settle there.

Amnesty International described the use of tear gas against migrants "cruel and inhumane" and called for an investigation.

While Democratic leaders have thus far rejected Trump's demand for wall money, progressive advocacy groupsraised alarm in a letter last weekthat the Democrats' plan toreopen the governmentwould still provide the Department of Homeland Security (DHS)-which oversees CBP-with substantial funding to carry out the president's anti-immigrant agenda.

This comes amidst a remarkable political battle over the Trump administrations insistence on getting $5 Billion for a border wall to which the Republican-led Congress has not been able to pass, leading to a government shutdown that is close to two weeks old.

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