Published: Fri, January 18, 2019
Sports | By Phillip Butler

We Cannot Get Complacent - Leeds United Star Urges Focus

We Cannot Get Complacent - Leeds United Star Urges Focus

The English Football League and Football Association are continuing their investigations into the accusations of "spying" by Leeds and Bielsa's fresh revelations about viewing the training sessions of all rival sides is likely to heighten the focus.

"Many people have made an opinion on my behaviour", Bielsa, nicknamed "El Loco", said on Wednesday.

And then came perhaps the most remarkable PowerPoint presentation in sports history, one in which Bielsa revealed exactly what he had learned about his opponents through spying on them.

The controversy further escalated on Wednesday when Bielsa called a press conference in which he admitted to having had all of his opponents' training sessions watched. We went to Stoke to watch Shrewsbury on Tuesday night to see what we can see and try and spot a weakness and a strength that we need to stop.

"My goal is to make the investigation easier and I don't think that something is going to make worse what they are looking for than what I'm saying right now", Bielsa said.

They lead Sheffield United by four points at the top of the table.

After the game, Derby manager Frank Lampard claimed he would rather quit coaching than employ such tactics himself, and urged the EFL to act on the incident.

Former Liverpool and England captain Gerrard said on Thursday: "I think Leeds have overstepped the mark in this case". I'm certainly someone who believes in fair play and respect.

To recap: In 2007, the National Football League discovered that the Patriots had videotaped the New York Jets' coaching signals from their own sideline during a September game and later learned that they had done the same thing in earlier contests. So I have to adapt to the rules that are linked to the habits of English football.

Of each opponent we watched all the games of 2018/19 - we watched the 51 games of Derby County.

Throughout the briefing Bielsa went into extraordinary detail about how often he and his team watch their opponent to build as complete a scouting report as possible.

"Of course, I have a point of view but it does not mean mine is right". 'We do analysis too, by the way. "Because we think it is professional behaviour".

The last time Bielsa called an emergency press conference, he resigned as manager of Marseille.

"What amazes me even more is the press lauding him for it, like they think it's great".

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