Published: Wed, February 06, 2019
IT | By Jonathon Greene

Apex Legends May Get Cross-Play

Apex Legends May Get Cross-Play

Apex Legends is set in Respawn's Titanfall universe, but unlike those games, you won't actually be controlling any giant mechs in this game.

While Apex Legends was only supposed to be unveiled yesterday, Respawn decided to make it officially available to download for PC, Xbox One, and PS4. It's a game set within the Titanfall world, which is great, because Titanfall is an fantastic series that deserves to be supported. It is a squad-based battle royale game, where you can play as one of eight Legends each with its own characteristics. It turns out the publisher was eager to capitalise on the battle royale market, but had to be convinced on Respawn's unique take on the sub-genre. That worked with various Apex Legends streams reaching over 500,000 concurrent viewers. All skins in the game will also be available for direct purchase, so you don't necessarily have to rely on RNG. For players who had trouble figuring out which scope went with a particular weapon in PUBG, Apex Legends has gear automatically attach to the appropriate weapons once a player loots them.

Considering that Respawn plans to support the game over a long period of time, it's safe to assume we'll see more Legends show up eventually.

As mentioned above, Apex Legends is not available to play on Steam and can be found on the Origin PC store. The game's focus appears to be on teamwork and balancing the squad.

But those YouTubers, Influences and journalists who have had time with the game last week will likely be under embargo until much later this evening too. These characters can be earned through an unspecified amount of gameplay but are presented in the game's marketplace as purchasable for 750 Apex Coins ($7.50).

With Apex Legends using a free-to-play model, microtransactions are a part of the picture.

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