Published: Tue, February 26, 2019
IT | By Jonathon Greene

Foldable Phone Outlook Hinges on Price

Foldable Phone Outlook Hinges on Price

Galaxy Fold and Mate X 5G come with 12GB and 8GB RAM, respectively.

Huawei has unveiled its first foldable smartphone just a few days after Samsung's first offering.

A new four-minute video reveals a clearer picture of how the Galaxy Fold looks, ahead of its United Kingdom release on May 3, featuring the hinge and how apps such as Google Maps switch from a large display when the device is unfolded, to a traditional smartphone set-up when closed.

"The fact that a phone can fold will not be able to attract consumers", said local think tank KT Economics and Management, adding comfortable UX and UI and apps optimized for a large screen are some of the prerequisites for the wider adoption of two-in-one devices by general consumers.

What sets the Mate X apart from the Samsung's Galaxy Fold is that the display spans edge to edge when both folded and unfolded, thus creating a more immersive effect.

The biggest advantage to the way it device folds in half is that the two halves actually sit flush, with 6.6-inch and 6.38-inch displays on the front and back of the phone respectively.

Overall the Samsung Galaxy S10e felt really good in the hand and with the powerful chipset to power it up it doesn't look like too much of a downgrade.

Oppo VP Brian Shen posted on Chinese microblogging website Weibo four images of a prototype of its foldable smartphone that looks more identical to Huawei's Mate X than the Samsung Galaxy Fold.

The Mate X comes in a brand-new "Interstellar Blue" finish, however more out of this world is its price.

They said the success of foldable smartphones depends on whether device manufacturers can give consumers an answer to the question, "Why does a phone have to fold?"

"Generally the trend has been to have a design that does not have any mechanical elements in a smartphone to make them more durable", said Ian Fogg, a senior mobile industry analyst at OpenSignal, which collects and analyzes data from mobile networks. Like the Galaxy Fold, there's a price tag issue.

When unfolded, the phone has quite the large screen.

The Mate X's insides are equally as impressive. The 8:7.1 display ratio is not ideal for video or games, so we'll have to get used to letterboxes. The release date of the Huawei Mate X is "from the middle of 2019". The phone will also feature a 4500 mAh battery to compensate for the increased power consumption of 5G. In phone mode, Huawei is available in round 6.6 inches and the Samsung at 4.6 inches.

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