Published: Tue, February 05, 2019
Entertaiment | By Simon Arnold

"Fortnite" Marshmello Items Now Available In Light Of Saturday's In-Game Concert

What's going on: "Fortnite" - the battle royale game that has swept the nation - has chose to drop a number of items related to Marshmello, who is a trance music DJ, according to Forbes.

'Fortnite's Showtime event takes place at 2 p.m. EST in Pleasant Park. An NPC of Marshmello is also expected to appear on the stage to play the tracks.

American DJ and producer, Marshmello, looks to be gearing up for quite a gig this weekend, with strong evidence suggesting he's playing inside Fortnite.

The Showtime Venue will be the destination for the game's first live and in-game concert. What we were treated to was a 15-minute concert, complete with laser lights, pre-recorded video footage and synchronized emotes and dancing.

The show was a sight to remember as players from around the world joined together to enjoy a set by the worldwide phenomenon EDM DJ, Marshmello, for a free concert!

Facts: Marshmello added Pleasant Park to its upcoming tour schedule.

Concerned about dying or being eliminated during the Marshmello concert? Guests were given special Marshmello themed skins and a pickaxe.

Marshmello uploaded the whole concert to his YouTube channel which you can watch below. Honestly, this is something I hope they implement more during big in-game events. Marshmello though had instant credibility because he was part of the Fortnite experience (and of course being masked is a ideal brand fit).

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