Published: Thu, February 28, 2019
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Kim Kardashian asks YouTube to stop the potentially unsafe 'Momo Challenge'

Kim Kardashian asks YouTube to stop the potentially unsafe 'Momo Challenge'

Northcott Community Special School took to Twitter to make parents aware of the hack.

"The challenges issued in this game present a serious risk to the safety, welfare and well being of young people in our school and in the United Kingdom".

We should be talking to our children about online safety and the things they may encounter and how we have to go about our online life.

I'd encourage parents to talk with children about apps and games to better understand what they might be exposed to'.

Tunstall Primary School in Sittingbourne and Lordswood Primary in Medway have also sent gentle reminders to parents asking that they be extra vigilant about their children's online use. The game encourages the players, mostly kids, to slowly isolate and hurt themselves.

Police have issued a warning over an alleged "suicide game" where children are contacted on social media and urged to harm themselves.

The Momo challenge has been linked to more than 100 deaths of teens and children around the world.

"As parents, its all too easy sometimes to hand over a device to a child for that few minutes peace but there can be devastating consequences if they are left unsupervised".

The Momo challenge has been allegedly linked to deaths of children around the world - a 12-year-old girl from Argentina and boys in France and Belgium - reported by their parents as having happened after some interaction with the risky online game. Encourage your child to talk to you about anything they're unsure of and reiterate the importance of not succumbing to peer pressure.

A risky social media craze targeting young children has sparked concerns - but north-east officers said parents "should not panic".

Education safeguarding advisor for Kent County Council, Rebecca Avery, posted advice on The Education People - a trading company for the council - about the challenge.

"When my friends or my family ask kids about it they immediately were like, 'how do you know about it and then ran to them and cried, '" Jessica said.

Anxious parents who have experienced it with their children are urging other parents to take caution. It's believed "Momo" is run by hackers who are looking for personal information, but the unsafe lies in what "Momo" is asking people to do.

You can't always rely on parental controls to block distressing or harmful material. "Practical support for parents (and indeed children) regarding blocking and reporting content on specific sites may also be required".

The first thing the NOS recommends parents do is tell the children that Momo isn't real.

'In the auto on the way home from school yesterday, I asked Honey or Ronnie if they knew what "Momo" meant?

The Momo challenge, the risky online "suicide game" that's played on Whatsapp, Facebook and YouTube, is in the news again after two mothers expressed fears that it's made its way into British playgrounds. However, she wasn't created strictly for the Momo challenge.

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