Published: Mon, February 04, 2019
World Media | By Shelia Harmon

Trump doubts deal possible by border security committee

Trump doubts deal possible by border security committee

"I think there's a good chance we'll have to do that", the president told reporters during an extended pool spray of a meeting on human trafficking. "And when I hear them talk about the fact that walls are immoral and walls don't work-they know they work".

Such a move would nearly certainly get tied up in the courts.

President Trump intends to offer an "aspirational" and "visionary" path for the nation at the State of the Union on Tuesday, White House aides said, even as his relations with lawmakers have soured over his threats to use executive power to bypass them. "Now whether or not I declare a national emergency - that you'll see".

Interviewer Margaret Brennan warned Trump that he would still have to deal with the ppeaker over border and immigration issues, a national emergency notwithstanding.

One former White House official earlier this week told Roll Call those legal challenges likely would move quickly through the court system, with the big question being whether the U.S. Supreme Court would break with its decades of precedent by siding against a sitting president's ability to decide when national security is at risk.

A disapproval resolution on a presidential emergency declaration is rare, so exactly how the process would play out is uncertain. Ironically, the shutdown itself ended up costing the government an estimated $11 billion dollars, which is almost twice the $5.7 billion Trump wanted allocated for a wall in the first place.

"There's not going to be any wall money in the legislation, " she bluntly added, before backpedaling somewhat with the vague admission that "some new infrastructure" and more "ports of entry" in "certain localities" are still up for negotiation. "It's like in a business, we have money on hand, and we're building, I would say we have a hundred and fifteen miles of wall, maybe a little bit more than that very shortly".

Trump also argued one of the strengths of his new wall is how physically attractive it is.

According to new Federal Election Commission (FEC) filings made public on Thursday night, the latest fundraising disclosures bring the total haul for Trump's re-election effort to more than $129 million, a record amount for a sitting American President at this point in the election cycle, reports The Washington Post. Speaker Nancy Pelosi of California said.

"Optimistic and unifying, but I think it can also be considered visionary", the official said of the speech. Trump said his aversion to letting his son play football is because "it's a unsafe sport and I think it's really tough".

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