Published: Wed, March 20, 2019
Entertaiment | By Simon Arnold

Netflix says it will not join Apple TV service

Netflix says it will not join Apple TV service

According to Netflix Chief Executive Reed Hastings, Netflix will not be available through Apple's soon to be launched streaming service, commenting that "We have chosen not to integrate with their service".

Netflix, however, won't be a part of this as it wants people to watch its shows on its own platform.

Apple is expected to unveil a television and video service at an event on March 25, a move that will amp up competition for Netflix and others that deliver entertainment programming online. The idea is to combine original content with programming from partners, including HBO and Starz.

"These are awesome, large, well-funded companies with very significant efforts", Hastings said.

"We've always had massive competitors", Hastings added. It also does not allow purchasing subscription via its iOS app. Netflix CEO's statement about staying away from Apple's video streaming service hasn't come as a surprise when seen in this context.

"We've been competing with 500 channels of cable and penetrated almost every household in the world for a long time", he declared with no small air of dismissal that Netflix could be heading the way of Napster as the new kids on the block begin launching.

For instance, Netflix was never part of Apple's TV app. Netflix's content head Ted Sarandos even said that Apple hadn't been an important revenue source for the company. "But you do your best job when you have great competitors".

Commentators previously questioned whether Neflix would use Apple's revamped hub to sell subscriptions, similar to Amazon's platform selling HBO and Showtime premium content plans.

Meanwhile, in the United Kingdom, traditional broadcasters are stepping up their effort, with BBC and ITV announcing plans to collaborate on a joint subscription-based streaming service called BritBox, featuring new commissions, recent shows and old British favourites.

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