Published: Sun, April 28, 2019
Sports | By Phillip Butler

Cardinals to be protected if Murray bolts to Major League Baseball

Cardinals to be protected if Murray bolts to Major League Baseball

The Oakland A's took Murray with the No. 9 overall pick in the 2018 baseball draft, and the A's allowed him to play one final season of college football at Oklahoma.

Competitive, well-rounded receiver possessing both elite quickness and long speed to go with solid play strength. "I used a poor choice of word that doesn't reflect who I am or what I believe".

The 39-year-old coach has brought his pass-first offense to the desert and Murray seems to be the ideal fit to run it. Kingsbury even recruited Murray to Texas A&M when he was the offensive coordinator there in 2012 and the two have known each other since the quarterback was 15. "I would take him with the first pick of the draft if I could", said Kingsbury in response to the big news.

And that was after following up Baker Mayfield as a Heisman Trophy victor, too.

The Arizona Cardinals have reportedly traded quarterback Josh Rosen to the Miami Dolphins, according to Ian Rapoport with the NFL Network.

Murray is universally considered to be extremely talented, but also very short for a quarterback, measuring only 5-foot-10.

"I apologize for the tweets that have come to light tonight from when I was 14 and 15", he wrote in December 2018, just hours after he had been named the Heisman victor. The Cardinals submarined their trade leverage with Rosen by taking Murray, and really hurt themselves by making the curious decision to not start talking trades with other players until 8 p.m. ET on Thursday, when they actually got on the clock.

Thursday night came and went and Rosen was still a member of the Cardinals, which may have been more of a surprise than Arizona picking a quarterback in consecutive years.

Murray is expected to receive a four-year rookie contract from the Cardinals, worth approximately eight times the amount the A's offered.

The Dolphins will select players in the sixth round (202), and two players in the seventh round (233, 234) before the draft ends Saturday night.

Miami brought in former New York Jets and Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick for the 2019 National Football League season.

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