Published: Sat, April 20, 2019
Sci-tech | By Javier West

Environment charities may benefit from new Alberta premier's vow to fight them

Environment charities may benefit from new Alberta premier's vow to fight them

Jason Kenney's United Conservative Party won the Alberta provincial election early Wednesday.

His win was nearly as big as the pickup truck he was celebrating in.

"Alberta is open for business".

A conservative win in Alberta will not necessarily cost Trudeau's Liberal Party seats in October, mostly because the Liberals were unlikely to win many districts in the heartland of Canadian conservatism to begin with. A handful of seats were too close to call and will need to wait to be finalized until out-of-constituency advance ballots are counted later in the week.

The UCP's victory ends four years in power for the NDP, whose 2015 victory rocked one of Canada's most conservative provinces. But cabinet ministers and backbenchers went down elsewhere.

"In Alberta there is no place for racism, there never will be, and we will never shy away from calling it out", said Notley, on a topic her and the NDP became more obsessed with as the campaign wore on, instead of thousands of unemployed Albertans her opponent promised to help.

David Taras, a political science professor at Mount Royal University in Calgary, said Kenney was able to pick up on the grievances of Albertans over the past few years, especially concerns about the failing economy, and becoming a symbol of change.

Notley said she had congratulated Kenney and "assured him that we will do everything that we can to ensure the transition to a new government is smooth and productive".

"I want a unit in the government that will be on that (factual errors and lies) the moment it is published, demanding a correction". We all do. We must.

Included in the savings and efficiencies would be cutting the premier's salary by 10% and MLA's salaries by 5%, scrapping the NDP's plan to spend $3.7 billion on shipping crude by rail, cancelling the planned $590-million Edmonton Laboratory Clinical Hub, and allowing the private sector to deliver laundry services to AHS.

The UCP leader was greeted by supporters and former prime minister Stephen Harper, who tapped Kenney as his Minister of Employment and Social Development, Minister for Multiculturalism and Minister of National Defence.

But the election wasn't about fighting climate change and reducing emissions.

Man oh man: It was only six years ago that Canada had six female premiers. A total of 44 seats was needed for a majority.

"What is it that happens to women in political leadership that makes it more hard for people to see them continuing there?"

"Albertans have elected a government that will be obsessed with getting this province back to work", Kenney said.

Horgan has been facing increasing questions about the price of gas across the province. "In Ottawa, we have a federal government that has made a bad situation much worse".

Notley, in turn, has said Kenney's plan to freeze spending and pursue more private-care options in health would have a profound affect on students and patients.

What kind of difference can Kenney make on pipelines, the economy and jobs? A number of his candidates either quit or apologized for past comments that were anti-LGBTQ, anti-Islamic or sympathetic to white nationalism.

But Campaign Life says Alberta's premier-elect must step up and do more for life and family.

The UCP won 62 of the 87 seats of the legislature, provisional results say.

Next door in Ontario, Tory premier Doug Ford welcomed Kenney's opposition to the federal carbon tax.

Her government brought in a carbon tax created to help cut emissions of greenhouse gases.

A return to 2014's Education Act would also remove the stipulation that members of gay-straight alliance groups could not be outed to their parents by their teachers, which has been challenged by private schools and parents since it was first implemented.

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