Published: Sat, May 04, 2019
World Media | By Shelia Harmon

A Man Survived a 70-Foot Fall into Hawaii's Kilauea Volcano

A Man Survived a 70-Foot Fall into Hawaii's Kilauea Volcano

According to Big Island Video News, a USA soldier climbed over the protective railing at the Steaming Bluff overlook in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park to get a better look and then slipped.

The unidentified man slipped and fell from a 300-foot cliff at the caldera.

The man was hiking with a group on a cliff edge of the Kilauea Volcano caldera on Hawaii's Big Island on Wednesday evening. He said the ledge where the man was found was about two-feet wide.

Lava from Kilauea volcano erupts in the Leilani Estates neighborhood near Pahoa, Hawaii, on July 14, 2018.

Rescuers from the park and county were able to rappel down to the ledge, secure the man onto a stretcher and bring him back up, where he was airlifted to the Hilo Medical Center. Past year it erupted for months, destroying around 700 homes on the island with lava and ash.

The soldier's condition was later upgraded to stable, according to Lt. Curtis J. Kellogg, public affairs officer for the 25th Infantry Division.

"Visitors should never cross safety barriers, especially around risky and destabilized cliff edges", John Broward, chief ranger at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, said in a statement.

Army officials say the man is a Schofield Barracks soldier who was on Hawaii's Big Island for training exercises.

The alert level at Kilauea, which is not now erupting, is "green", according to an April 30 update from the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory. By early August the eruption subsided substantially, and on December, after 90 days of inactivity from the volcano, the eruption that started in 1983 was declared to be over.

The last fall fatality in the park was on October 29, 2017. He warned that crossing safety barriers could result in serious injuries or death.

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