Published: Wed, May 15, 2019
Entertaiment | By Simon Arnold

'Arthur' kicked off 22nd season on PBS with gay wedding

'Arthur' kicked off 22nd season on PBS with gay wedding

In the episode, which aired on May 13, Jane Lynch voices Mr Ratburn's bossy, uptight sister, Patty, who threatens to turn their kindly teacher into someone the children don't like. Since they have no idea what their teachers do outside of the classroom, the walk up the aisle was a big surprise.

Some folks were just as shocked to find out "Arthur" still airs new episodes. Clearly, Arthur remains on-the-ball where social issues are concerned, and it will be curious to see whether they continue to pursue the avenue of gay rights in subsequent episodes.

On Monday, the series premiere titled Mr. Ratburn and the Special Someone featured Mr. Ratburn getting married to another man - and Twitter was loving the plot decision. She tells Mr Ratburn to he's "too soft" and needs to 'toughen up'. See some of the positive responses (and congratulatory messages for Mr. Ratburn) below. The episode ends with little fanfare from the kids as Mr. Ratburn's gay wedding barely phases them, as they're more excited about the cake they get to eat.

"Now that Mr. Ratburn is gay I can finally die", one person wrote.

"MR RATBURN IS GAY HELLO!" another user proclaimed.

GLAAD was among many who congratulated the beloved teacher on Twitter.

Based on the series of books by author Marc Brown, "Arthur" is TV's longest-running children's animated series. The show follows eight-year-old Arthur Reed, an aardvark who is going through life with his friends and family in fictional Elwood City.

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