Published: Wed, May 08, 2019
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Biden has big lead over Bernie Sanders, new poll shows

Biden has big lead over Bernie Sanders, new poll shows

And as he has said, I mean he's called Anita Hill, they've talked, they've spoken, and he said, you know, he feels badly. Let's put it that way, ' she added.

And so while she has maintained her own career, she has also taken her husband's aspirations in stride. South bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg also rallied in SC over the weekend.

Sanders added: "I disagree with numerous votes that he cast". "We could just start with clown".

While the former vice president would be 77 on election day, Dr. Biden said age is a factor for the American people to decide.

A supporter in the room asked Biden how he would respond to Trump's often insulting language, saying, "I want you to fight back; once he throws a nickname at you, you gotta throw a nickname back".

"I don't want to go on and on". 'Remember what Michelle said: When they go low, we go high'. Because if you are against this, we won't do it, because it's going to be hard on you.

Among Democrats ages 18 to 34, 54 percent said they were somewhat or much less likely to support a candidate over the age of 70. Pop has to run, ' she said.

She also revealed she sought Michelle Obama's advice before Joe Biden formally launched his presidential bid.

The 2020 race is her 14th time campaigning for her husband or late son, Beau. So the more money that we invest in the State Department, it doesn't just save ammunition. "So ideas that we've brought forth have helped transform the discussion in America". Now, Biden is trying to gauge whether his message will resonate among black voters whose backing will be crucial in SC and elsewhere.

The former vice president has been on an upward trajectory in the polls since he formally announced his 2020 White House campaign.

US Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden holds a campaign stop in Des Moines, Iowa May 1, 2019. She said it three times, in fact.

'When it comes to him, no. But when speaking directly to voters here this weekend, he measured his words far more carefully, perhaps mindful of the potential risk of taking on a popular figure in the party like Biden. But that's for the American people to decide, ' she told CBS. "One thing I've admired about Joe is the way he makes connections with people".

Mallory Newell, the director of research at Ipsos Public Affairs, said "Biden has seen a little bit of a bump from his announcement, anywhere from 12 to 15 percentage points".

'Look, these women who have come forward, this woman in particular, you know, really were courageous.

'I worry about having somebody who is close to 80 years old in the office, ' Chambers said. And I have to say it has happened to me.

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