Published: Sun, May 12, 2019
World Media | By Shelia Harmon

Brexit: EU elections will go ahead, government confirms

Brexit: EU elections will go ahead, government confirms

Theresa May has said the United Kingdom would not have to take part if MPs agreed on a Brexit plan first.

Under consideration are a number of methods to get the UK's exit done and dusted, including allowing MPs to rank the alternative Brexit outcomes in order of preference.

The U.K. was expected to have abandoned the 28-nation bloc by now, but British lawmakers have rejected Prime Minister Theresa May's divorce cope with the EU.

So far, she has failed to overcome resistance within her party to the deal she agreed with the European Union a year ago.

Prime Minister Theresa May's hopes of people in Britain avoiding having to vote in the European Parliament elections were dashed on Tuesday.

She is immune from a leadership contest until December after surviving one past year.

Exasperation with Mrs May boiled over after Mr Lidington, her de facto deputy, confirmed that Britain would fight the European elections in 15 days' time despite months of assurances to the contrary. The EU requires all member states to take part in the parliamentary elections.

Yesterday she met the chair of the influential 1922 committee of backbench Tory MPs who had been demanding that she name the date of her departure.

"The public no longer trust her to run Brexit negotiations", she said.

But many Conservative lawmakers believe that May has failed to deliver on Britain's vote to leave the European Union and that the party needs a new approach.

"It is of concern to me that our party's leaflet has failed to include that we will leave the customs union and the single market to ensure we can have an independent trade policy".

If their talks fail, May has pledged to allow the House of Commons to decide on a new strategy in a series of votes.

The UK and Gibraltar will now definitely have to take part in the European elections on the 23rd of May.

Talks between Labour and the government are due to continue at around 1700 GMT on Wednesday but Labour say that, despite weeks of talks, they are yet to see the substantive movement from the government they believe is needed to reach an agreement.

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