Published: Tue, May 14, 2019
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‘Game of Thrones’ Creators Discuss That Episode 5 Twist

‘Game of Thrones’ Creators Discuss That Episode 5 Twist

And while series creators David Benioff and D.B. Weiss aren't trying to downplay her insanity, they did point out a few key points in the "Behind the Episode" below.

It has been a roller-coaster ride for the fans and makers of Game Of Thrones post episode 3.

What appeared to be a Starbucks cup was spotted on the banquet table, even though Game of Thrones is set in a world where the iconic coffee brand doesn't exist.

Laughing with embarrassment, Clarke played along, waving to the camera and holding out her hand to Houston Rockets mascot, "Clutch".

"Did I just stumble upon the truth here?!" she quipped in the caption. He said that he considered this photographic evidence that Sophie Turner was to blame for the coffee cup, which came into the frame on the set. However, when it comes to equal pay, the 23-year-old admits things can get "a little tricky".

"I can't ever get my hair to look like Daenerys". Jones also added that Critical Mention, which is a media monitoring company, tallied 10,627 mentions of Starbucks and "Game of Thrones" on different media platforms like television, radio, and of course, social media.

Sophie Turner went on "The Tonight Show" while in New York City and disputed "Cup-gate" being her fault after her husband accused her!

"There is something chilling about the way Dany has responded to the death of her enemies", Benioff said. The only problem being that no one knows for certain who the coffee cup culprit was. Still, though, with all the close calls (we nearly lost Arya!) bubbly reinforcements come in super handy.

Starbucks used the opportunity to push its newly released "dragon drink" - a pink concoction made with dragonfruit and coconut milk.

"I'm beginning to think it was subliminal advertising", said one suspicious viewer.

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