Published: Sun, May 12, 2019
World Media | By Shelia Harmon

North Korea fires unidentified projectile: South's military

North Korea fires unidentified projectile: South's military

Some analysts have said that if the North returns to testing the kind of longer-range banned ballistic weapons that it fired in unusually large numbers in 2017 - when many feared a Washington-Pyongyang stand-off could end in war - it may signal that a frustrated North Korea is turning away from diplomacy.

In related development, US President Donald Trump said US authorities were looking "very seriously" at the launch of the "short-range missiles".

The leader of North Korea ordered its military to boost its strike capability as he directed another missile firing, state media said on Friday, as tensions grew over tests that appeared to show development of a new advanced missile system.

Offering food assistance is one of the few options that Seoul can exercise to persuade Pyongyang, as other forms of economic support or cooperation are restricted by worldwide sanctions imposed on North Korea.

"The missile is potentially capable of conducting strikes on all areas of South Korea, including key American military installations", said the Kyungnam University professor.

Mr Schiller said short of actually procuring the missiles from Russia, Pyongyang could have had key parts delivered from a third country while making components such as the outer shell, or airframe, domestically.

"The relationship continues. I know they want to negotiate, they're talking about negotiating".

"North Korea seemed to be discontented it could not reach a deal in Hanoi", South Korean President Moon Jae-in told broadcaster KBS.

Moon warned that such behavior "could make the current dialogue and negotiation phase hard", while Trump said "nobody's happy about it" and suggested North Korea may not be "ready to negotiate".

Washington has given no sign it will budge on the North's demand to lift some sanctions as it announced on Thursday the seizure of a North Korean cargo vessel that it said was involved in the illicit shipping of coal.

In testing missiles that pose a threat to South Korea rather than the United States mainland, some experts think Kim is seeing how far he can press President Trump.

North Korea again denied the existence of political prisoners and camps, but said US sanctions were hampering North Koreans' enjoyment of life. The sanctions have created economic difficulties for North Korea.

On Saturday, North Korea launched a volley of short-range projectiles from the east coast city of Wonsan just days after the US tested another Minuteman III on a similar trajectory.

Washington and Japan have both described Thursday's launch as "short-range ballistic missiles", although acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney told CBS it was "a very non-provocative provocation".

WASHINGTON, United States - US President Donald Trump said Friday that North Korea's recent missile tests were not a "breach of trust".

North Korea's state media said that leader Kim Jong Un had overseen a rocket and tactical guided weapons test.

It was the second weapons launch from North Korea in five days.

"Under these conditions, in order to stop North Korea's wrong assertions and avoid misinterpretations in South Korea and the United States, Seoul needs to postpone the delivery of humanitarian aid to Pyongyang until the security situation is improved".

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