Published: Thu, May 09, 2019
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Rouhani issues terrifying warning as USA nuclear deal on brink of collapse

Rouhani issues terrifying warning as USA nuclear deal on brink of collapse

The waivers were also reduced from 180 days to 90 days, in which the remaining parties are allowed to cooperate with Iran on the sites of Bushehr, Arak and Fordow without facing United States sanctions.

The 2015 deal saw sanctions on Iran lifted in exchange for limits on its nuclear program.

Iran insists the announcements will not amount to a complete withdrawal from the agreement, and may include a two-month deadline for the European Union to implement its obligations before further Iranian steps are taken.

Iran's state-run IRIB news agency reported on Monday that Tehran would restart part of its halted nuclear program in response to the USA withdrawal from the 2015 nuclear deal, but added Tehran does not plan to pull out of the agreement. "There is a 60-day windows of opportunity for diplomacy", he said.

Iran is accusing the United States of "psychological warfare" after National Security Advisor John Bolton announced the deploying a carrier strike group and a bomber task force to the region.

Hassan Rouhani's address to the nation came on the anniversary of President Donald Trump's decision to withdraw the USA from the atomic accord.

Mr Rouhani said that Iran will withdraw further after two months if the signatories fail to deliver on their end of the deal and Washington continues to derail the agreement.

Last month, the US designated Iran's elite Revolutionary Guard as a terrorist organization. The movement, first reported by CNN, was among a range of recent indications that Iran might be considering or preparing to attack USA forces in the region, said the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity in order to discuss sensitive intelligence.

President Trump has taken a particularly hard line towards Iran since he took office in 2016. Officials suggest they serve as a check on Iranian ambitions and help ensure that Islamic State fighters do not regroup.

Speaking to reporters in Moscow, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammed Zarif said Iran would be partially withdrawing from the 2015 agreement.

In response to the United States ending the sanctions waivers, Iran repeated threats to block the strategic Strait of Hormuz, a critical passageway for the world's oil exports.

However, Rouhani warned of a "strong reaction" if European leaders instead seek to impose more sanctions on Iran via the U.N. Security Council.

While neither Shanahan nor Bolton elaborated on the gist of USA intelligence, other US officials told Reuters there were "multiple, credible threats" against US forces on land, including in Iraq, by Iran and proxy forces, and at sea. Failure to do so will prompt the Islamic Republic to stop complying with restrictions on the level of uranium enrichment and the modernization of Arak heavy water reactor, the statement says.

"We have continued to see activity that leads us to believe that there's escalation that may be taking place", Pompeo said.

Currently, the accord limits Iran to enriching uranium to 3.67%, which can fuel a commercial nuclear power plant.

Under terms of the deal, Iran can keep a stockpile of no more than 300 kilograms (660 pounds) of low-enriched uranium. Weapons-grade uranium needs to be enriched to around 90percent. Ali Akbar Salehi, the head of Iran's nuclear program, told The Associated Press in September that the IR-2M and the IR-4 can enrich uranium five times faster than an IR-1, while the IR-6 can do it 10 times faster. Iran has previously enriched to 20 per cent.

The weeks leading up to the anniversary of Trump's withdrawal from the agreement have seen a sharp tightening of USA sanctions and an increase in tensions on other fronts.

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