Published: Sat, June 08, 2019
Finance | By Kristine Clayton

Huawei can no longer pre-install Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp apps

Huawei can no longer pre-install Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp apps

Reports emerged earlier in the day that Facebook had ditched pre-installing its apps, WhatsApp and Instagram, on Huawei devices, including those models already on the market.

Facebook told Reuters in San Francisco that customers who already had Huawei phones would still be able to use its apps and receive updates. Huawei usually pre-installs apps such as Facebook and Twitter on its handsets. The search giant company is afraid Huawei devices losing Google's services such as Google Play and Google Play Protect might compromise the devices and they could be infected by malware and if sensitive information is communicated between a Huawei device and a different brand of phone from someone in the United States, that information could be compromised and become a security threat.

The main argument is that the U.S. banning Huawei will force the Chinese company (and other Chinese companies, as well) to become more self-reliant and develop more home-grown technologies.

"That is rooted in this fear that the device may lose features, be insecure, lose support or even lose tangible value".

These changes to Huawei's deals with US companies come as a result of the company being placed on the US Entity List, which bans companies from conducting business with Huawei without express permission from the government. However, it looks like the company's new operating system could be called "Oak OS", as revealed by Globaltimes today.

Google is anxious about the Android alternative that Huawei claims it has already finished.

Huawei has said it was prepared for the United States action and vowed to work around any disruptions.

Google is concerned that an Android version from Huawei would be more susceptible to being hacked, as Google would not be able to update it.

What this may mean for Huawei, though, is that the company may have to create its own app store - not an easy feat. The tech company now has a temporary license to keep sending security updates to already existing Huawei smartphones. Microsoft removed Huawei devices from its online stores.

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