Published: Tue, July 09, 2019
Sports | By Phillip Butler

Boston Celtics: pros and cons of a potential Russell Westbrook trade

Boston Celtics: pros and cons of a potential Russell Westbrook trade

The likelihood of the Oklahoma City Thunder trading Russell Westbrook appears to have risen even higher, given the Thunder's dealing away of another veteran player.

Westbrook's massive $38.5 million salary doesn't make things easier either.

Interest in Westbrook has emerged from Houston, according to ESPN, as well as Detroit and Miami, according to reports from The Athletic.

While the Heat is not exactly a championship team, Westbrook should fit nicely into the system.

The biggest question here is whether Miami has the assets to entice the Thunders into making the trade. Paul has $125 million over three years remaining on his contract, while Westbrook has $171 remaining over four years, including a player option for $46.7 million in 2022-23.

If that is the case, it would add to the acrimonious departure of Kevin Durant to the Golden State Warriors from Oklahoma City in 2016, also amid reports of discontent with Westbrook.

The Rockets would likely have to orchestrate a complicated multi-team deal to land Westbrook, but it could be worth it, as he has been successful playing alongside their star James Harden in the past. So, unless they wish to trade King James himself, this trade is off the table.

A source said that Paul would not necessarily need to be involved in a deal that delivers Westbrook to the Rockets, although his $38.5 million salary is a flawless match with Westbrook's.

Goran Dragic was all set to go to Dallas as their starting point guard, slotted alongside reigning Rookie of the Year Luka Dončić and Kistaps Porzingis. The team just missed D'Angelo Russel from the free agency, and they are in dire need of a future-proof point guard.

There are rumors claiming that Minnesota is looking to trade Andrew Wiggins. Case in point: the Houston Rockets.

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