Published: Tue, July 30, 2019
World Media | By Shelia Harmon

Las Vegas' Huge Grasshopper Swarm Is Showing Up on Weather Radar

Las Vegas' Huge Grasshopper Swarm Is Showing Up on Weather Radar

This Thursday, July 25, 2019, photo shows grasshoppers on a sidewalk outside the Las Vegas Sun offices in Henderson, Nev.

Jeff Knight, an entomologist in Nevada, said the high numbers of adult pallid-winged grasshoppers in the area is definitely unusual but not completely unheard of, according to CBS News.

Thanks to unusually wet weather a few months back, Las Vegas is being inundated by grasshoppers as the insects migrate across Nevada.

Tourists and Vegas residents alike shared intense footage of the massive swarms that drove people from the usually bustling strip to take cover.

Knight also assured that the grasshoppers would continue their migration and leave Las Vegas area within the next two or three weeks.

Lyft driver Jessica Palmore captured video of the insects at night flying above the iconic Luxor Hotel & Casino on Thursday and posted it on her Facebook page.

"We'll have flights (of grasshoppers) about this time of the year, migrations, and they'll move northward".

In the meantime, the bugs are so thick the National Weather Service says they're showing up as rain on weather radar.

"We have records clear from the '60s of it happening, and I have seen it ... at least four or five times in my 30-plus years", he said.

The desert city, a prime destination for thrillseekers and gamblers, has been swarmed by grasshoppers for much of this last week, as has much of the valley in which the city is located.

"When I see them, it's like being in a movie".

'There are some special weather conditions that trigger the migration'. At one point, he said so many grasshoppers were swarming that customers didn't want to come out of their cars. If you go to a low UV or amber light, they will move on.

"It was insane. We didn't even want to walk through there". The bugs aren't any danger to humans and they don't carry disease or bite.

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