Published: Mon, July 08, 2019
Entertaiment | By Simon Arnold

Ok, so Maura admits she fancies Curtis in tonight’s episode

Ok, so Maura admits she fancies Curtis in tonight’s episode

So who did she want to win, apart from Amy?

The best friend of Worthing Love Island contestant Amy Hart has reacted to last night's episode, in which Amy and Curtis appeared to be done for good.

Amber says "I don't think you had any idea how much I liked you".

She says, "I don't mind that she fancies him".

At the fire pit, Lucie says to George and Marvin: 'Me and Maura feel the same, we're just not really feeling it'.

AJ said he reckons Curtis should stay with Amy and said what happened with Jourdan was "a little blip". I pulled a girl for a chat [while you were away], and she said, 'If the recoupling was in half an hour, would you recouple with me?' And I said I'd recouple with her.

After calling things off with Marvin, Maura decides to tell Curtis how she feels.

Schumer, it turns out, is a huge fan of the reality TV series and specially recorded a video message wherein she gave a special shout-out to none other than Maura From Longford herself.

"She is sexually confident and sensually comfortable, this might prove interesting in a relationship with Curtis".

"She's just like my homie, I feel very connected to her". I've been away for four days, and I come back to find out you've been snogging other people, you've been telling other people you're recoupling with them. "But that's not what you want". Do you think I deserve to worry every time you go off somewhere? "How is that OK?" For me, absence made the heart grow stronger.

Although he didn't end up choosing her- one of the most solid couples in the villa came to an abrupt end when Curtis couldn't promise that his head wouldn't be turned again.

Meanwhile, Anna is still torn between Ovie and Jordan, but Ovie's not impressed with the way she's been behaving - and it pushes her into Jordan's arms.

Speaking on the bean bags, the outspoken gal told the shocked blonde how she found him "manly" and really wanted him to teach her how to dance.

I've meant everything I've said. I do like you and I can see a future with you.

Jordan has picked up on the fact that Anna may still have feelings for him.

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