Published: Mon, July 22, 2019
World Media | By Shelia Harmon

Protest in South Korea against Japan

Protest in South Korea against Japan

South Korea's public broadcaster KBS said in its 9 o'clock news program on Sunday night that NHK's exit polls indicate the governing parties are certain to secure a majority in the chamber.

He said the refusal to accept the arbitration process marked a further breach of the 1965 bilateral agreement on the settlement of problems concerning property and on economic cooperation, on top of the South Korean Supreme Court's ruling in October ordering a Japanese company to pay compensation to former Korean requisitioned workers.

A 78 year old South Korean man who set himself ablaze close to the Japanese Embassy in Seoul has died, police mentioned, amid rising trade and political disputes between Seoul and Tokyo.

The man in his 70s started a fire inside his vehicle parked in front of the embassy building and later died after being treated in hospital, authorities said, adding around 20 disposable gas canisters were also found in the auto.

Kono did not specify what the countermeasures will be or when they will be taken.

The ministry has asked Japan to hold director-level talks by Wednesday to help resolve the trade dispute, but Tokyo has kept mum on the request. But beer drinkers in the South are making their fury known, shunning four big Japanese brands in favour of other brews, according to E-Mart, the country's largest hypermarket chain.

Seoul will raise the issue in a meeting of the General Council of the World Trade Organization, which is set to convene in Geneva on Monday and Tuesday (local time) for Tokyo's use of trade to retaliate against Seoul.

US President Donald Trump said Friday he remained at the ready to help South Korea and Japan solve their lingering dispute over World War II-era forced labour that has blighted their trade ties.

Japan has denied that the compensation dispute is behind the export curbs even though one of its ministers cited broken trust with South Korea over the labour dispute in announcing the curbs.

Kono summoned South Korean Ambassador to Japan Nam Gwan-pyo to the Foreign Ministry Friday morning to protest South Korea's failure to take the necessary actions.

The move was seen as retaliation by Tokyo against Seoul's insistence of paying compensation to wartime victims by Japanese firms as ruled by a Korean court last October.

Alongside the council, South Korea's Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy plans to deliver an opinion this week to the Japanese government to press it to withdraw the export curbs.

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