Published: Sat, August 17, 2019
World Media | By Shelia Harmon

Indian firing has killed 6 in disputed Kashmir over 24 hours

Indian firing has killed 6 in disputed Kashmir over 24 hours

On Aug. 5, India's parliament announced it revoked Article 370, which granted the IOK its special-autonomous status while downgrading it to a territory, giving India more control over the area. "We note that there were some who tried to project an alarmist approach to the situation which is far from the ground realities".

"There is a low probability that China is going invest all its diplomatic energy to support Pakistan to India's discomfiture", Mr Bhaskar said on Friday.

Pakistan has contacted four of the five permanent members of the UN Security Council and is "also trying to contact French President so that his country understands our position", the minister said.

The format of the meeting as a closed-door consultation would preclude Pakistan participating in it, the diplomat said.

Pakistan requested the Security Council meeting in a letter on August 13 and it was subsequently called for by permanent member China.

Pakistan on Aug 15 accused India of killing its soldiers in what it called "unprovoked ceasefire violations".

"I am confident that the people of Jammu and Kashmir will defeat separatism and move forward with new hopes", he said. A spokesman of Indian Army said it is "fictitious".

Ahead of the meeting, Prime Minister Imran Khan had a telephonic conversation with US President Donald Trump to brief him about Pakistan's stance on the issue.

Equatorial Guinea, one of the non-permanent members of UNSC, said all members are waiting for instructions from the chair of the council of Poland. "If there was some agreement, even informal, they would have come out and spoken".

Since they were partitioned in 1947, Pakistan and India have fought three wars - in 1948, 1965 and 1971 - two of them over Kashmir, in addition to the three-week long Kargil skirmish in 1999.

Gulf Arab countries may also be wary of supporting Kashmiri rights because it centers on "people's right to their own freedoms", said Hafsa Kanjwal, a Kashmiri American assistant professor of South Asian history at Lafayette College. "However, he said the matter should be resolved properly through peaceful means in accordance of the United Nations charter, the relevant resolutions, AND bilateral agreements".

Before Indian elections in April and May, Khan had expressed hope that the Kashmir issue could be resolved through talks if Modi's Hindu nationalist party won the vote. Zhang joked. "So we can see how serious the situation is".

"Jammu-Kashmir and Ladakh will become a big inspiration for India's growth journey, comfort, progress and peace". A small demonstration by Pakistanis outside the White House abjured the violence that militant British Pakistanis and Khalistani separatists unleashed in London yesterday, their protest restricted to placards and slogans.

Khan made the comments from Pakistan Occupied Kashmir on the day of Pakistan's independence, saying India is not interested in discussing the issue.

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