Published: Mon, August 05, 2019
Entertaiment | By Simon Arnold

Kevin Spacey reads poem about forsaken boxer at Rome museum | AP entertainment

Kevin Spacey reads poem about forsaken boxer at Rome museum | AP entertainment

Kevin Spacey popped up in a museum in Rome, Italy and read a poem to a surprised crowd.

Spacey, dressed in a striking brown suit, stood beside the museum's bronze statue "Boxer at Rest", as he read the words from Italian poet Gabriele Tinti.

Tinti's poem is about a fighter left bleeding at ringside, cast aside despite previous glory.

Kevin Spacey reads "The Boxer" at the National Roman Museum.

In Rome, the allegory to Spacey's legal problems was obvious. I have spent hours and hours sweating to destroy and fall", and "They used me for their entertainment, fed on shoddy stuff. "And the more empty you are", Kevin read from the poem.

"I shook the country, made the arenas vibrate, tore my opponents to shreds", he continued. "None of you. On the other hand, life is not frightening for those who have never taken a risk".

According to Variety, Spacey's publicity team reached out to various media outlets to inform them of the poetry recital, and also promised particular websites and publications a chance to do one on one interviews with the Oscar winning star of American Beauty and The Usual Suspects. A Daily Beast correspondent who witnessed the performance called it "unapologetic".

He said it was part of a project in which he writes tributes to ancient works of art.

Outside of his court appearances for the sexual assault of an 18-year old bus boy, this has been Spacey's first public appearance since a total of 15 accusations of sexual assault were levelled against him.

"What a wonderful night!"

The Rome trip comes after prosecutors last month dropped sexual assault proceedings against Spacey following the collapse of the case over his alleged victim's refusal to testify.

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