Published: Fri, August 23, 2019
IT | By Jonathon Greene

New iPad Pro and 10.2-inch iPad Just Leaked

New iPad Pro and 10.2-inch iPad Just Leaked

But Bloomberg's report adds a few new details for the iPhone 11 lineup that haven't been reported before.

The "Pro" iPhone models will supersede the iPhone XS, XS Max and XR.

A new low-end iPad with 10.2-inch display was tipped to be aimed primarily at schools. Apple is also expected to deliver "dramatically enhanced" water-resistance, and upgraded Face ID sensors that work at multiple angles.

The new laptop would mark Apple's largest since the 17-inch MacBook Pro was discontinued in 2012.

This new camera array on these Pro models will reportedly allow users to capture ultra-wide angle photos and video as well as photos in an even more enhanced high dynamic range (HDR), now that three photos can be taken at once and digitally merged with enhanced software. These new AirPods will be in stores alongside the entry-level AirPods revealed earlier this year, but will have new features like noise cancellation and water resistance. Also worth pointing out is the presence of updated OLED displays which will ditch the 3D Touch system in favor of a more advanced Haptic Touch system. However, you should expect better "shatter-resistance" technology to help prevent damage when the iPhone 11 models are dropped. Users should also be able to apply effects and alter colors and reframe and crop. There will be a new "AMX" or "matrix" co-processor that can handle math-heavy tasks for improved AR performance. The new model is likely to have two tweeters (a type of loudspeaker), down from seven in the current HomePod.

The reason for this is the triple-camera system at the back that's been sectioned by a rather unflattering square camera bump. Sensors at the back at the device will allow the user to capture three photos at once, according to the leak, and AI software will provide automatic corrections for any obvious shot errors.

Apple has already started to roll out major iPad announcements this year with the iPad mini and the return of the iPad Air.

Rumors of Apple iPhone gaining support for Apple Pencil have existed online for several years, but there hasn't been much buzz about it this year.

When's the next Apple event?

Apple will be unveiling this year's iPhones soon, reports believe. The upcoming iPhone lineup is expected to arrive alongside refreshed iPad, updated Apple Watch next month.

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