Published: Tue, August 27, 2019
Finance | By Kristine Clayton

Trump and Macron have another cringe-worthy interaction

Trump and Macron have another cringe-worthy interaction

The G7 group was founded in the early 1970s as the seven countries discussed concerns about the collapse of the oil industry.

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte warned other leaders of the dangers of protectionism and urged Washington not to carry through on its threat to impose tariffs on German autos.

There is plenty to discuss. Festering foreign policy matters like Iran and fresh tensions between India and Pakistan are on the table.

As democracies, the G-7 have a unity of goal and trust hard to duplicate in other forums such as the larger Group of 20 leaders' summit, which started in 2008 and includes states such as China and Russian Federation presenting different models of politics and economic development that don't necessarily include free speech or an emphasis on human rights.

Heading into the summit, however, the flagging global economy appeared the most pressing matter. He instead criticized the United States for escalating tensions with its decision to raise tariff rates on Chinese goods.

There is scant optimism the G7 confab will yield the kind of solidarity against menacing forces it has produced in the past.

The appearance of Zarif, which the Trump administration has sanctioned, made global headlines. He insisted the country should not have nuclear weapons and should be prevented from further testing ballistic missiles. France holds the 2019 presidency of the G-7, which also includes Britain, Canada, Germany, Italy and Japan.

It's the most awkward interaction ever - Part II. His first stop was a sunny patio for lunch across from his host. The weather is flawless, the guests are fantastic, everybody's getting along.

"I am very anxious about the way it's going, the growth of protectionism, of tariffs that we're seeing", British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Saturday.

Trump had hoped to use the summit to rally other leaders to do more to stimulate their economies, as fears rise of a potential slowdown in the US before he stands for reelection in November 2020. "That's why we are here today", she said.

"When the USA isn't leading or isn't interested, then it's very hard for others to achieve anything", Goodman said, "and that's been very visible in the last few G-7s and G-20s".

French city Biarritz's police are on duty 24/7 because of the G7 summit.

Donald Trump listening to Emmanuel Macron. Their words weren't discernible to reporters or cameras.

Every G7 meeting is one of the most anticipated events for both leaders and the activists. China's Vice Premier Liu He said, its lead trade negotiator, "China is willing to resolve its trade dispute with the United States through calm negotiations and resolutely opposes the escalation of the conflict". "I would like to congratulate you on that very much". It may not be immediately, but I think ultimately we're going to do something. "We are having a little spat with China and we'll win it".

China announced on Friday that it would be imposing tariffs on $75 million of American exports. There are few signs either side will relent, even as they pursue a larger trade agreement. Trump's only apparent exercise is golf-though it's not exactly aerobic given he uses a cart, even driving right onto the greens to make shots. "What I hope is that in coming weeks, based on these talks, we can manage to see a summit between President Rouhani and President Trump", Macron said, adding that he believed if they met a deal could be struck.

Roiled by months of anti-government protests this year, France has deployed more than 13,000 police to ensure protesters get nowhere near US President Donald Trump and other leaders. Countries take turns chairing the annual summit, which typically ends with a final statement expressing financial and political commitments.

That's unlikely to move Trump.

He said he planned to brief Wang on "the latest developments as well as my tour of Europe and my discussions in Biarritz with our French colleagues" in the nuclear agreement.

And French organizers have set low expectations for a concluding show of unity.

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