Published: Sat, August 31, 2019
IT | By Jonathon Greene

Twitter CEO account hacked, offensive tweets posted

Twitter CEO account hacked, offensive tweets posted

Some of the tweets contained the hashtag #ChucklingSquad which was believed to indicate the identity of the hacker group. We've reached out to Twitter for more information and will update this post as necessary.

Included in the retweets was a comment referring to James Charles" "booty" and another claiming that "nazi germany did nothing wrong'.

Twitter users, of course, responded as they typically do - a mix of sarcasm and jokes while being questionably concerned. As such, Jack's actual Twitter account wasn't breached - his account's connection to Cloudhopper likely was.

Twitter recently announced they would meet with Manchester United representatives regarding calls for more to be done in preventing racist abuse of footballers on social media platforms.

Twitter has a two-factor authentication process for users looking to add extra security to their profile.

An additional tweet also claimed that if people did not follow one specific account, then the Twitter HQ was 'blowing up'. Right now the tweets appear to have been removed from his account.

Cloudhopper enables users to send tweets on their phones via SMS.

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