Published: Fri, September 06, 2019
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911 call after crash involving Kevin Hart: ‘He’s not coherent at all’

911 call after crash involving Kevin Hart: ‘He’s not coherent at all’

As many of you probably know by now, Kevin Hart was involved in a very serious auto accident over the weekend, and he and the driver both suffered severe injuries, while a third passenger was left with only a few bruises.

While the surgery was a success, the "Jumanji" star is still heavily medicated and "going through hell", the site said.

Hart is still said to be in a lot of pain from the crash, and he's likely to not be undertaking any projects whilst he recovers, but it's a good job he has a very famous friend who he's worked with a lot who can help him out. However, as Hart recovers, he'll be unable to make the scheduled appearance on the premiere episode of Kelly Clarkson's new talk show titled "The Kelly Clarkson Show".

TMZ on Wednesday, while giving an update on his health situation said Kevin had successful back surgery, and is expected to undergo weeks of physical therapy to get back on his feet fully. But, the position of BHMCIE has now been filled by none other than one Mr. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. Why?

Kevin was to be the first guest on Kelly Clarkson's new talk show, but he canceled due to those three new cracks in his spine.

"When my son Kevin Hart goes down with an injury, his big daddy steps in". "I did leave my honeymoon early (Lauren approved cos she LOVES Kelly) and now me and Kelly are new best friends".

The 40-year-old star was left injured when his vintage Plymouth Barracuda veered off the road in California on Sunday morning.

Kevin was alongside two others at the time of the accident, however, the third person did not need any medical treatment while Kevin and his driver were taken to hospital after sustaining "major back injuries".

In addition to Hart and Black, Black's fiancee, Rebecca Broxterman, was in the vehicle, which was crushed.

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