Published: Fri, September 06, 2019
Sci-tech | By Javier West

Chandrayaan-2 inches closer to Moon landing

Chandrayaan-2 inches closer to Moon landing

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The Chandrayaan 2 is all set to land its lander "Vikram" on the surface of Moon on intervening night of 6-7 September.

If all goes well with the soft-landing, the rover Pragyan will roll out of the lander after all the systems are checked.

Indian space science is inching towards a historic feat with the Chandrayaan-2 Moon mission entering its last and crucial phase. The Vikram Lander had successfully separated from Chandrayaan-2 Orbiter on Monday afternoon and it is now on its way to land on the Moon.

With the countdown clock ticking away for the historic moment - landing a probe on the Moon - Indian space scientists led by Dr K. Sivan, chairman, Isro, are confident of accomplishing the feat though it is the most complicated and nerve-wracking manoeuvre for them.

The third part of the mission, the orbiter, with a mission life of one year, will orbit the moon and map the surface.

The first de-orbiting manoeuvre for Chandrayaan-2 spacecraft was performed successfully on September 3 at 8.50 am (IST) and the duration was four seconds.

Around 60- 70 students from across the country will be watching live India's proposed soft landing on the moon in the early hours of Saturday, along with Prime Minister Modi, ISRO has said. It said both the Orbiter and Lander are healthy.

Shivansh Pal is among 74 school students across India and only the third from Uttar Pradesh, the other two from Lucknow, to have got the special invitation from the Indian Space Research Organisation, according to his school. With that India will become only the fourth country to put a rover on the Moon and the first to reach the Moon's south pole in its first attempt.

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