Published: Sun, September 01, 2019
Sports | By Phillip Butler

How reported Clowney trade to Seahawks could hurt 49ers

How reported Clowney trade to Seahawks could hurt 49ers

Clowney would be a flawless fit in the Lions defense, will head coach Matt Patricia trade for Jadeveon?

The Miami Dolphins are interested in trading for Houston Texans star Jadeveon Clowney and recently met with the pass-rusher, according to ESPN and multiple reports.

Clowney also fired longtime agent Bus Cook, as his future remains in limbo. He's earned three Pro Bowl bids in his career.

But even if the Dolphins and Texans strike a deal - which wouldn't be surprising - Clowney still needs to sign his tender in order to be traded. Since he reportedly wants to be traded to the Seahawks or the Eagles, he'd presumably be inclined to accept the one-year offer if it's a precursor to being shipped to Seattle.

He has yet to sign his one-year, $15.967 million tender (or $17.128 million depending on the grievance ruling over whether he's a defensive end or an outside linebacker). Since he was hit with the franchise tag, that meant the Texans couldn't trade him unless he actually signed the tag, which he refused to do. But it's hard to imagine there wasn't one team in the entire National Football League that wasn't willing to part with even a slightly-above-average player or a second-round pick for someone as filled with athletic potential as Clowney. The Dolphins aren't going anywhere this season, and with reports of a "revolt" in the locker room if offensive tackle Laremy Tunsil was involved in a Clowney trade, maybe it's best for the Dolphins to let this one be. He registered 47 combined tackles, nine sacks, a pass defensed, and a forced fumble through 15 games and 14 starts with the Texans in 2018.

Clowney should be a great fit on defense, and despite missing out on his offseason workouts with the Texans, his transition with the Seahawks should be a smooth one. The 36-year-old last donned red and gold in 2014 and hasn't slowed down since. At the owners meetings in March, O'Brien indicated he didn't expect to see Clowney at the team's spring workouts. But, in the last three seasons, he was a game wrecker down in Houston.

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